X Chainbase

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What We Do?

X Chainbase, as a part of X Chain Technology, is an open-source platform where our training participants and technological enthusiasts can air innovation thoughts and projects for Fintech start-ups.

The one-stop support and guidance to Fintech Star-ups enables one to have easy access to related Blockchain resources and training of multiple forms, which helps all training participants and Blockchain enthusiasts grow up.

This workplace is located in north bund area of Shanghai. It covers 15,000.00 Square Feet and it is equipped with conference rooms office cubicles and individual offices for any Blockchain data collection and collaboration.

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Four Chainbase Features

Plentiful Blockchain database analytics on X Chainbase

Shareable non-profit projects for Blockchain development

The global Fintech support professionals and information

The powerful integration of the eco-system and commercialization

Incubated Enterprises